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Nu-life Kinesiology Centre



I have seen many alternative therapists and specifically kinesiologists over this last very troubled decade of my life, and can honestly say that no one helped me to get to the heart of my issues until I attended Jackie. Using her techniques Jackie helped me access and deal with problems stemming from childhood events, which had clouded my thinking and behaviour, causing me many problems.

Thank you Jackie for helping me get over these huge hurdles, eliminating problematic attitudes and patterns so leaving me free from baggage and ready to get on with my life.

C.A, Auckland 2014

Kinesiology is a fascinating, enthralling journey of self discovery, healing and self empowerment. Jackie made me feel very welcome and comfortable at my first visit in her home. Her clinic room is warm, homely and comfortable. She is very approachable and does not have a clinical approach of one treatment for all, She treats you like an individual with your own unique needs and uses techniques specific to you. I felt very uplifted after every visit.

Jackie is very intelligent, methodical and patient in her work. She is a natural counsellor, a good listener, empathetic and non-judgmental. Jackie is empowering, gentle, very kind and uplifts you when you feel emotional.

I learnt a lot about my physical, mental and spiritual self. I needed patience with the process and to not judge, but accept myself. The sessions cleared the way for me to live my life without blocks and limitations.

J.B, Papatoetoe 2013

Since Iv'e been coming to see you I've managed to get rid of all my fears and I don't choose to see the negative side of things, I feel good. I don't know how you do it, but you do a good job, I think people should try it.

Y.P, North Shore 2012

I thought nothing was going to make me feel better, so I tried Kinesiology. After four sessions with Jackie I have become panic and anxiety free for the first time in over a year.

I am really thankful and would highly recommend a visit. I will be coming back again if ever I feel out of balance.

Thank you for everything Jackie.

Rachel, Papatoetoe 2010

I gained a lot of insight and was able to move forward in a positive direction after talking to Jackie. I found her to be professional, considerate, understanding and non-judgemental. I would highly recommend Jackie to anyone wanting guidance, balance and direction.

T.L., Manukau. 2009

Dear Jackie, thank you so much for the time you spent with me yesterday. It has been an amazing experience and I am looking forward to our next session. A few weeks ago seven ladies from Nuskin founded the mastermind group to support each other in our work, sharing experiences and ideas. At our meeting today I told them about you and how happy I am with the session. All of them are very interested, so you will get some calls in the next few days.

H.B, Titirangi 2010

Before I came to Jackie I had been experiencing chronic back pain. I tried so many different channels including medical specialists, chiropractic and without success. I was recommended by a chiropractor to see a Kinesiologist as they deal with emotional blockages and she thought this is what I needed.

Kinesiology allowed me to release my past negative experiences which related to my back problems. After just two sessions my back pain eased and I noticed everything else in my life improved too.

I felt motivated, happy and energised and the pain went completely from my back.

I've recommended Jackie to other people and I know they've had great results too.

Sant Singh, Auckland.