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Nu-life Kinesiology Centre


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Originally by the ICPKP Webmaster 10:44 AM, 29 June 2010 NZSTlast edited 10:50 AM, 29 June 2010 NZSTSusan Eardley (British Kinesiology Centre) is the first Senior Faculty Member of the ICPKP to earn a PhD doing research in Kinesiology at a major UK University medical school with publications in peer reviewed journals. This is a truly momentous occasion for PKP, Kinesiology and indeed CAM. Sue's PhD was in the management of chronic low back pain using the PKP Protocol. Yes, it worked.The study was a pragmatic, randomised, controlled trial of PKP for low back pain which demonstrated large effect sizes which were greater than other CAM therapies including acupuncture, chiropractic, CBT and standard care. This is the first rigorous study of kinesiology that has ever been conducted and is the result of seven years work. The head of the Southampton University department described the project as one of the best PhD’s ever produced in the school and the external examiners congratulated Sue on an outstanding piece of academic work that was of major importance in the field of CAM. Further research in PKP is now clearly necessary, the first step of which would be to get funding to repeat the work as a cost-effective, multi-centre study. The results of the study are now being written up for publication in a major UK medical journal.

An Introduction to PKP-Professional Kinesiology Practice

Insight into Professional Kinesiology Practice - one of the most successful complementary medicine practice in treating a person holistically ...

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