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Nu-life Kinesiology Centre


Bioptron Colour Therapy:

Colour has been used for thousands of years as a healing therapy. Records show the ancient Chinese, Indian and Egyptian cultures knew colour had a profound effect upon the health of human beings both physically and emotionally.

The Egyptians used it in conjunction with healing crystals and sunlight in their temples. Worshipers could feel the soothing energy of stained glass windows in churches. It has a truly holistic effect as it works on all levels of well being.

Bioptron polarized light and colour therapy works with and stimulates the body's own natural healing capabilities to regenerate and rebalance cells and tissues. Bioptron light therapy is used in many European hospitals to help with tissue healing and many other specific conditions.

The handmade coloured glass filters are made using the colours of the spectrum. They contain bioinformation (resonance) from plants, minerals, gemstones, trace elements etc which have regenerative information patterns finely tuned to the human energy systems and correspond with the main chakras (energy wheels) of the body.

Colour is a form of light and each colour has its own wavelength, frequency and specific healing attributes. Here are some of the attributes of the main chakra colours...

RED: revitalizing, invigorating, activating, energizes

ORANGE: warming, stimulating, relieves congestion, helps immune system

YELLOW: brightening, fortifying, toning, helps with learning or studying

GREEN: relaxing, calming, cleansing, balancing

BLUE: antiseptic, inhibiting, cooling, soothing, reduces inflammation, communication

INDIGO: antibacterial, slowing, mildly sedative, for thought and creativity

VIOLET: inspiring, spiritual, regal, tranquilizing.

Single or multiple colours may be used as a balancing technique within a kinesiology session if it shows.