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Nu-life Kinesiology Centre


What is a Kinesiology Balance:

Consultations or Balancing sessions are personalised to suit each clients needs. The first session usually takes one and a half hours as a full history is taken. Subsequent sessions will take approximately one hour. In some cases several sessions may be required for the greatest benefit.

The balancing protocol is structured as follows:

Goal Setting:

The client sets a goal or outcome they want to achieve. Issues that are relevant to a successful outcome are discussed.

Pre -Testing:

A series of pre-tests are done to ascertain stress and energy levels, other factors like pain, movement, and flexability may be conducted if relevant, these act to show changes at the end of the session.

Questions and techniques are used if necessary to eliminate subconscious programmes that may prevent the client from achieving the goal.

The Balance:

The correcting technique / techniques that your body requires is established from a Data Base of over 300 techniques and is implemented accordingly. Sometimes Age recession is used to clear issues that may have arisen at another age and affecting the outcome of the goal in present time.

During the session every step is explained as it arises

ensuring the client is fully informed about what is happening.

Closing the Session:

After the Balancing techniques are finished all Pre-Tests are rechecked and outcomes noted. Further techniques may be implemented as home reinforcement to ensure full benefit.